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BIU enrolls applicants into this program three times a year – January ,May and September

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Hassle free , quick and easy application acceptance procedure .

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Welcome to Bridgetown International University

Bridgetown International University (BIU) is the only University in the Barbados that aims to create an entirely new model of Medical Education. The University is committed to emerge as an elite transformational agent in the world of healthcare.

MD Program

BIU offers the MD program to the students who are passionate and wish to provide medical care to the world through research, innovation, and leadership.

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Pre-Med Program

Bridgetown International University offers a Pre Med Program for highly qualified and enthusiastic high school graduates.

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Basic Science Program

Bridgetown International University offers the Basic Science Program which follows the curriculum designed as per the US standards.

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Clinical Rotations

Bridgetown International University is committed to train clinical psychologists who want to pursue their career for the promotion of well-being of people.

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Counseling Session

Detailed information will be provided to the applicants willing to take admission.


Interested students can register themselves by depositing the enrollment fee.

Admission Letter

University will provide Admission letter to the applicants enrolling for the university .

Visa Procedure

After the enrollment student will be asked to deposit visa related documents .

Fee Submission

After completing admission procedure final step will be submission of fee to the university .

Why Choose BIU?


They are properly equipped with modern technology , well-maintained and arranged in a proper manner for the students .



There’s a library in the university itself . Students can sit there and dedicate their pass time by gaining knowledge .



Experts and professors have become a part of the university from different countries to impart knowledge .


Our Admission Query

Pre-Medical Admissions

  • Spring 2019 Deadline October 1, 2017
  • Fall 2019 Deadline February 1, 2017
  • Summer 2019 Deadline May 1, 2017

Medical Admission

  • Spring 2019 Deadline October 1, 2017
  • Fall 2019 Deadline February 1, 2017
  • Summer 2019 Deadline May 1, 2017

“Success Occurs when opportunity meets Preparation”

Zig Ziglar

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