Barbados Student Visa: All Questions Answered

To study in Barbados in any school/ college/ university (from now on referred to as “institution”), international students are required to apply for Barbados Student Visa (with few exceptions to citizens of certain nations). In this post, we will go through the application process you need to follow to get Student Visa, documents required to file a Visa application, Visa renewal process, and all things Barbados Student Visa!

In this post, you will get answers to all your questions regarding Barbados Student Visa, including: 

How can I apply for Barbados Student Visa?
Where Can I find Barbados Student Visa Application Form?
Barbados Student Visa Fees?
What documents are required to apply for the Student Visa of Barbados?
How can I renew my Barbados Student Visa?

Barbados Student Visa Application: Forms & Documents Checklist

Depending on your age and status (Minor; under 18 years old | Adult; 18 years or older), you are required to furnish a certain set of documents along with your Visa Application:

  1. Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student in Form H-1
  2. Form H-1 is filled and provided by the institution where you want to study and certified by the Ministry of Education, Barbados.

  3. Certificate by Non-Immigrant Student in Form H-2
  4. In the case of a minor student, Form H-2 is provided by the parent or guardian, while in the case of an adult, Form H-2 is given by the student.   

  5. Birth Certificate: Original Birth Certificate (B/C) of the student or notarized copy of the Birth Certificate.
  6. Photographs: Passport Sized Photographs (2 copies).
  7. Marriage Certificate: Applicant’s Marriage Certificate (M/C) (where applicable).
  8. Consent Letter: In case of a minor student, consent letter from parent or guardian signed by a notary public (where applicable).
  9. Biodata Page: A copy of the biodata page of the passport of the student.
  10. Financial Support Evidence: Evidence of Financial Support sufficient for the payment of:

a) Institution expenses (like tuition fees and other charges)
b) Living expenses
c) Medical expenses
Following documents are accepted as Financial Support Evidence:
a) Evidence of scholarship
b) Evidence of Bank Balances (Bank Statements) issued by a bank recognized by Central Bank of Barbados (CBB)
c) Legal document of support from an adult (parent or guardian or other relatives along with evidence of financial resources of that adult) 
9. Admission Letter: Letter of Acceptance from the institution (Admission Letter or Provisional Admission Letter).

Other points to Keep in mind:

  1. To qualify for Student Visa, the institution you are going to must be registered or accredited by the Ministry of Education, Barbados.
  2. On Student Visa, you are not allowed to work or engage in any business activity. To do a job or business in Barbados, prior permission is required from the Immigration Department. 
  3. Make sure that you comply with all the points mentioned in the document checklist above and fulfill the requirements provided in Form H-1 and Form H-2. The Immigration Department will reject an incomplete application or application without supporting documents. 
  4. Do not submit any document in laminated form because the authenticity of laminated documents can not be verified, and so, laminated documents are not accepted. 
  5. Regarding Police Certificates, only original copies are accepted. So, do not submit any scanned or copied certificates. 
  6. While staying in Barbados on a Student Visa, you are required to make and submit the following Address Reports to the Immigration Department:

Sl. No.

Address Report Type



Annual Address Report

By 31st January of every year


Change of Address Report

Within ten days of address change


Three-Month Address Report

Every three months

Student Visa Processing

Once your Visa application is submitted, it will go under a thorough vetting process of the Barbados Immigration Department, and shortcomings regarding information or document shall be communicated for correction. 

If your application is approved, Provisional Student Visa is issued initially, which shall be valid for a maximum period of four months. To get a Visa extension, students &/or the guardians are required to furnish Security Clearance and Financial Support Evidence. If security and finance conditions are met, Student Visa is issued for an extended period. 

Type of Visa


Processing Time (After Acceptance of Application)

Provisional Student Visa

4 Months (Max.)

10 Working Days

Student Visa

3 Years (Max.) in case of a minor student


For the remaining period of study (in case of an adult student)

60 Working Days

Barbados Student Visa Renewal

Procedure for Visa Renewal is more or less the same as the procedure for Student Visa. However, at the time of Visa Renewal, students &/or the guardians are required to furnish additional evidence as proof that all the tuition fees and other charges have been duly settled with the institution.

Transfer Between Institutions: New Visa Requirement

If you would like to get a transfer from one institution in Barbados to another, you are required to apply for a new Student Visa. 

To get new Student Visa for the institution you are transferred to, the following documents are required to be submitted to the Immigration Department of Barbados:
A copy of a letter from the transferring institution confirming discontinuation of your studies with the institution.
A copy of your letter to the transferring institution regarding discontinuation of your studies with the institution.
A copy of a letter from the institution to which you are being transferred confirming your acceptance. The new institution must be registered or accredited by the Ministry of Education, Barbados.

Cancellation of Student Visa

If under any circumstances, any student discontinues his or her education and association with the institution for which Student Visa was issued, the concerned institution shall inform the Immigration Department within two weeks with a written request to cancel Student Visa of the concerned student. 

Other Questions on Barbados Student Visa

While there may be several other questions, the above blog post summarizes most of the stuff about Barbados Student Visa! Hopefully, you have got all the information you’re looking for on getting a Barbados Student Visa. 

Note: For all the students of Bridgetown International University, full support is provided by the University’s operations team for getting a fresh student visa as well as its renewal. If you need any support regarding your Barbados Student Visa, you can contact your dedicated counselor. 


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