Pre-Clinical Program

Pre-Clinical Program at Bridgetown International University is a 2-Year Program and the second stage in the journey of MD in Barbados. The Pre-Clinical Program or Basic Sciences Program integrates the in-depth study of medicine with research, laboratory experiments, problem-based learning, and evidence-based practice of medicine and fosters the skills required for lifelong learning as a medical professional.

Pre-Med Program - MD In Barbados - Bridgetown International University

During Basic Sciences Program, students are made familiar with the clinical settings via occasional clinical visits, participation in medical outreach programs and assistance in patient care, case-based studies of situations and challenges faced by medical practitioners in healthcare settings, and discussion on various ethical and legal issues concerning the practice of medicine in an international environment.

During their medical course in Barbados, seminars and talks are arranged with experienced and learned medical professionals to let the students, explore the various opportunities and disciples in the world of medicine. Learning, years of experience, and guidance from veteran medical professionals impact the career of the students in a positive way and help them make the most out of their medical course as they study medicine in Barbados. To encourage innovation in medicine, research and exhibitions are also arranged in the University campus and students are awarded for their great work.

Pre-Clinical Program covers all what it takes to get the students ready for clinical rotations, which is the last stage of MD in Barbados. After qualifying this program, students enter the final phase of the medical graduation i.e. Clinical Rotations Program.



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