BIU Vice-Chancellor Interview With TV5: Key Highlights: MD in Barbados

July 30, 2018, Hyderabad, India, Telangana 

Vice-Chancellor Interview with TV5, News Media Outlet in Hyderabad, India: Key Highlights

During Visit to India, Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor of Bridgetown International University, Former Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Barbados had an interview with the regional news media outlet TV5.

The interview revolved around the Barbados, education system in the country and quality of medical education and infrastructure that Bridgetown International University aspires to provide to medical aspirants from India and worldwide who will enroll in the University’s MD Program to study medicine in Barbados. 

In the interview, Mr. Jones was joined by India Admissions Director and Indian Academic Advisory Board Member of the University. 

Three members of the University set together with the interviewer to answer a series of questions raised by the correspondent.

Being asked about Barbados, Mr. Jones enlightened the audience about Barbados culture, history, climate, and education system prevalent in the country. Well-explaining the beauty of his nation to Indians with his gestures, Mr. Jones put a spotlight on the geography of Barbados which is a part of West-Indies and sports & recreational facilities prevalent in the island including pleasant weather, cool summer, temperature, beaches, cricket, football, badminton, and other sports!

In the interview, emphasizing the culture of inclusion and togetherness in Barbados, Mr. Jones said: “[Barbados is] not a large country. Everybody knows everybody in Barbados where the population is mix population.” Mr. Jones went on to say: “We don’t have discriminatory laws or practices or any of those. Our people are free to associate with whatever religion they want to associate with. All of those things are built into the constitution. Freedom of association, freedom of religion - there is no discrimination between males and females.”

Stressing the work-life balance in Barbados, Mr. Jones said, “It [Barbados] is an easy going country. It’s not fast pace like you would find in United Staes or Canada. We tend to take life relatively more leisurely.”

When asked about the education system in Barbados, Mr. Jones being the Former Education Minister of Barbados, promptly, confidently and proudly replied: “Education system in Barbados is strong, extremely strong. We spend about 6% of our Gross Domestic Product on education.”

Barbados government has invested heavily in education. Barbados was ranked In 2016 as the 9th best education system in the world with a literacy rate of 98%.

At Bridgetown International University, we provide the technological strength, adequate classroom space, a student-teacher ratio that is good because we know that not all students would carry the same strength. Our task is to build those students to maximize their potential so that they can excel as the University is built on quality standards in pursuit of excellence. All of those add to the end product - what we produce at Bridgetown International University. You will find that in a few years time we will be leading university offshore in the entire Caribbean,” said Mr. Jones while explaining the quality of medical education provided at Bridgetown International University. 

During the interview, Mr. Jones cleared the students’ confusion about the medium of instruction at the University, stating that “Teaching language in Barbados is English. We have a local behavior (accent) which they (student) will learn [alongside].” 

In the interview, Ms. Divya, one of the Indian Students, who is coming to Bridgetown International University to study MD in Barbados, was also invited to share her University experience. Watch the interview to get full insights of the University right from the Vice-Chancellor and have a glimpse into the student experience. 

Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor of Bridgetown International University, Former Minister of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, Barbados in an interview with TV5

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