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Bridgetown International University Vice-Chancellor Visit To India


BIU Vice-Chancellor Visits Medical Council of India and Addresses Concerns of Indian Medical Aspirants Over Medical Education in Barbados

Taking hold of his new responsibility, Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor of Bridgetown International University, visited the Medical Council of India (MCI) recently. The visit was part of the agenda to meet MCI officials, apprise them about the course offerings and education facilities of the University, and ensure that the University fulfills all the requirements of MCI Recognition.

On occasion, Mr. Jones had a discussion with the MCI officers regarding Medical Programs of the University, infrastructure, future plans, and how it can help turn medical dreams of Indian students into reality.

On occasion, Mr. Jones also took the opportunity to address the concerns of Indian Medical Aspirants and their parents and guardians regarding medical education in Barbados and the requirements to pursue MD in Barbados at Bridgetown International University.

Bridgetown International University Vice-Chancellor Visit To India - MD in Barbados

Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor of Bridgetown International University, Former Minister of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, Barbados with MCI officials in New Delhi, India

In his discussion about classrooms and lectures, Mr. Jones said: “At Bridgetown International University, students have enough space so that they can be comfortable. There are many classrooms which they can study in. Those classrooms are very well equipped with the equipments necessary to ensure that all of them can learn in order to study well. All of them can see and participate in what’s going on. In those classrooms, you won’t have any problem at all.

“We have a well-equipped library with technology, computers, and, of course, books” – said Mr. Jones.

Vice-Chancellor also underscored the intersection of technology with medical education, an integral part of MD in Barbados at Bridgetown International University. Mr. Jones said “Today learning by young people is not simply a board and a teacher, it is highly integrated [with technology], and that gives modern children, modern students the ability for a lot of self-learning and direct learning through your teachers and professors. A lot of self leaning is important, which adds to what you gain in the classroom.


Mr. Jones also enlightened the prospect students about the current opportunities, features, services, and latest developments of the University in pursuit to provide the very best experience to students looking forward to studying medicine in Barbados including:

✓ US-based based curriculum

✓ Collaboration with teaching hospitals worldwide

✓ State-of-the-art campus

✓ Medium of instruction

✓ Hostel & mess facility

✓ Faculty members

✓ Recreational & sports facilities

✓ Co-curricular activities & leisure time

Emphasizing the importance of study-life balance, Mr. Jones said: “Education, whatever type it is, must be balanced. So, the curriculum and co-curricular activities provide that balance. In fact, once you come to Bridgetown International University, there would be counselors at the University. In case you [students] face any need, any challenges, you can have your discussion with the counselors, say what your needs are, and those needs will be met as best as possible.”

“Education, whatever type it is, must be balanced.”

Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor, Former Education Minister, Barbados

Mr. Jones emphasized that at the University, a conducive environment is managed from the classrooms, labs, to the hostel area, and students are allowed to interact with the faculty members in a free environment. He also informed that the University is recruiting best faculty from India, the Caribbean, North America to ensure that students learn from the best talents and maintain quality standard and our pursuit of excellence.

We want students coming here to feel part of that pursuit of excellence” – said Mr. Jones emphasizing the culture of inclusion, equity and academic excellence maintained at the University.

“We want students coming here to feel part of our pursuit of excellence”


Relieving the students about their stress on the medium of instruction in the foreign country, Mr. Jones added that “Medium of instruction is English.”  

To the relief of parents who have concern over food for their children studying medicine abroad, he assured them with the affirmation that at the University, the facility for Indian mess is available. He also pointed out the broad type of cuisines available in Barbados.

Pointing out modern infrastructure and special arrangements for girls’ safety, he said: “Technology is used across the institution. We have University managed hosel facilities for boys and girls to be accommodated in separate spaces.

In his address, Mr, Jones extended his invitation to parents to come to Barbados, visit the University and be a part of students life.

Well, we are glad that the visit of our Vice-Chancellor to India was a success. It was an opportunity for the Vice-Chancellor to “e-nteract” with the Indian Students in their home country and for the medical aspirants in India to get their queries about medical education in Barbados, especially about Bridgetown International University, resolved right from the Vice-Chancellor.

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