BIU Vice-Chancellor Interview With TV9: Key Highlights: MD In Barbados.

July 29, 2018, Hyderabad, India

Vice-Chancellor Interview with TV9 Telugu, News Media Outlet in Hyderabad, India: Key Highlights

During Visit to India, Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor of Bridgetown International University, Former Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Barbados had an interview with the regional news media outlet TV9 Telugu. 

In the interview, Mr. Jones was joined by Indian Academic Advisory Board Member of the University, and Dr. Bhanu Prakash Garg, India Admissions Director of the University. 

In the interview, Mr. Jones was asked about Barbados and University Facilities, programs of the University, and how the same will benefit Indian students.

Explaining the University’s modern facilities and well-equipped campus specially designed keeping the behavior and needs of technology-savvy students in mind, Mr. Jones said: “We have a modern campus with the requisite equipment, requisite technology, and that technology goes quite deep. Today’s student is a technology savvy student, and therefore it’s not simply talking and reading, and all of that - you have to emerge students in technology through simulation, animation, all of that and the technology that will be exposed to you will bring medicine alive capturing that young capacity.”

You have a well-equipped campus to give them all of the requisite skills, knowledge, and attitude that is in need to be successful. We preach excellence. No student today can be mediocre,” added Mr. Jones, while addressing the question of the reporter. 

Emphasizing the quality of education and US-based curriculum of the University, Mr. Jones stressed the quality and academic standards maintained at Bridgetown International University with multiple quality checks, including: 

✓ Quality of curriculum;
✓ Quality of instruction; and
✓ Quality of teachers/ professors.

Talking about inclusion, Mr. Jones said that Bridgetown International University is open for Indian, Barbadian, and all the medical aspirants worldwide. In the interview, Mr. Jones also addressed the concern over accommodation facilities while pursuing MD in Barbados stating that Bridgetown International University offers a comfortable accommodation to provide the students with a comfortable and normal routine life in a country that invites persons to come to be a part of the entire environment.

Explaining the facilities and infrastructure of Barbados, Mr. Jones said: “Barbados is not a large country, but it has the prerequisites for the people to be comfortable in their studies.” 

Barbados is not a large country, but it has the prerequisites for the people to be comfortable in their studies.” – Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor, Former Education Minister of Barbados

Discussing safety and security at the national level of Barbados, Mr. Jones affirmed: “Currently we have just over 500 Indian students in Barbados, and we never had even one complaint to date.”

During the course of the interview, Mr. Bhanu Prakash, India Admissions Director, also explained the eligibility criteria to get admission in the University and study medicine in Barbados. Mr. Prakash emphasized that since Bridgetown International University is being recognized by the Medical Council of India, NEET is mandatory to get admission to Bridgetown International University. Once a student qualifies NEET, he/ she can apply for admission to the University to study MD in Barbados.  

Mr. Prakash also apprised the audience that while Bridgetown International University is situated in Barbados, an island country in North America, it provides a gateway to medical aspirants looking for higher medical education, residency or post-graduation medical courses in the United States or willing to pursue a medical practice in the US. 

When asked by the interviewer “Why Bridgetown International University,” Mr. Prakash went on to explain some of the unique propositions offered by Bridgetown International University making it an exceptional choice amidst a situation when there are so many Caribbean medical universities. Some of the facilities that Mr. Prakash and Indian Academic Advisory Board Member put the spotlight on: 

✓ Technology-based medical education;
✓ Animated videos to elaborate medical concepts;
✓ Affordable Fees;
✓ University managed accommodation and food;
✓ USMLE focused curriculum;
✓ English medium of instruction; etc.

Being asked about security, safety, and care of the students in Barbados, Mr. Jones assured all the parents and guardians that their students would be in safe hands and secured environment. He said: “The Barbadian culture is a mixed culture. It provides a kind of ethos which would allow anybody from anywhere to come and to be a part of the total structure and the total environment.”

Highlighting the special arrangements for the girls’ safety, Mr. Jones added that separate residential spaces are maintained for boys and girls, and appropriate security is maintained in the entire campus area. Mr. Jones said: “Peace must always be kept. That is paramount. We see persons coming to our shores as part of the Barbadian environment. So, the same level of safety and security that is allowed for Barbadians is allowed for everybody else. Barbados is a tourist-oriented society Our major foreign exchange earnings are from tourism, and as a result of that, we have built up very strong structures to ensure that persons are kept in a safe and secure environment. You will have security around and sure not to intrude on the lives of anybody but to ensure that anybody coming from outside would not disrupt the lives of those students. So, I don’t think parents need to be worried.”

Peace must always be kept. That is paramount.” - Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor, Former Education Minister of Barbados

Emphasizing the infrastructure development and digital progress in Barbados, Mr. Jones, on a lighter note, said: “Our country is extremely well equipped technologically. We have a penetration rate that is about 140%. Everybody has two cell phones, and all of these kinds of things: good Wi-Fi connection, good internet connection. So, you can get to your parents in a click.”

Global citizens, connected globally, get to your parents definitely, stay in contact with them so that you will feel at home in Barbados because your mother or father is next door,” said Mr. Jones concluding the interview on a positive note. 

Mr. Ronald Jones, Vice-Chancellor of Bridgetown International University, Former Minister of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, Barbados in an interview with TV9 Telugu.

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