Medical Education: MBBS in Barbados – Why, Benefits, & Admission Guide

When it comes to medical education, MBBS in Barbados offers one of the finest options for an aspiring doctor to come to the beautiful island country of Barbados in North America and pursue his or her dream of becoming a doctor in a Caribbean medical university.


Since you are here, it’s obvious that you are looking for opportunities for medical education in Barbados. Well, we must compliment you for your thoughtful choice and appreciate that you want to explore more about Barbados, its culture and medical education in the country before making your final move.


In this post on “Medical Education: MBBS in Barbados – Why, Benefits, & Admission Guide,” you will be able to explore the information you are looking for Barbados and find useful information you need to make the final move to pursue MBBS or medical education in Barbados.


Without making the introduction too long too read, let’s jump into the guide:


About Barbados

If you are a travel freak, chances are you already know a lot about Barbados considering the fact that Barbados is one of the most visited countries in the world and about a million people visit the island each year to relax, rejuvenate and regain their energy while spending free time in the pristine beauty of Barbados.


Barbados is an island country situated in the Caribbean region of North America. The country is widely known for its strong infrastructure and education system and the natural beauty has made the country a popular tourist destination. Barbados is the 4th English-speaking country that gains independence from the United Kingdom on November 30, 1966, and since then, the country has marked the history of more than five decades of growth and development and now it has a remarkable Human Development Index of 0.8 which is very high in comparison to other countries.


Barbados comes in the list of countries with very high human development with the Human Development Index of 0.8.


Barbados has joined the list of developed nations for providing excellent quality of life, safety, education, and healthcare facilities to its residents. Given the living standards of this island, Barbados is often referred to as the “Singapore of the Caribbean.”


Bridgetown, which is home to a UNESCO world heritage site, is the capital and largest city of Barbados. People in Barbados represent a mix of different ethnic groups following different religions. Amidst such diversity, you can be assured to find a culture of unity and friendship in this country of “Pride and Industry.”


Key Facts About Barbados


300,000 (approx.)

Official language


Literacy Rate[iii]

99.7% (4th most educated country)

Temperature range

16.5°C to 33.1°C

Human Development Index (HDI)


Development Status

Developed nation

Economic Status[iii]

53rd richest country in the world

The second richest country in the Caribbean

Education System in Barbados

Barbados has a robust education system that is evident from 99.7 literacy rate maintained by the country. Given its high literacy rate, it’s no surprise that Barbados is the 4th most educated country in the world. Barbados government places heavy emphasis on the education in the country leading to ample educational institutions for the Barbadians from their primary schooling to higher level education. Also, vocational education and training facilities provided in Barbados has helped the people acquire skills required for better career opportunities. The entire education system is English based.


In the recent years, natural advantages of studying in Barbados along with top medical universities in the island country has attracted lots of aspiring doctors from countries all around the world to get MBBS Admission in Barbados, start their medical career on the foreign land, complete MD in Barbados and become International Medical Graduates.


Why MBBS in Barbados

There are many countries out of your home country that you can consider for MBBS abroad or getting medical education in a foreign country. However, Barbados offers its own unique package that, in its entirety, can’t be found in any other country. Stating that, let us tell you only the best reasons to pursue your MBBS from Barbados:


#1 English is Official Language

In Barbados, English is the official language. Majority of the people in Barbados speak English language in exclusive Barbadian accent which is influenced by Caribbean dialects of nearby Caribbean countries! Well, if you know English, you will have no problem chatting with the people of Barbados.


While it’s obvious, we would like to separately mention that all the education in Barbados is provided in English. Be it a top medical university in Barbados or a class of the primary school, only English is used as the medium of instruction in the entire country.

#2 Food is Great

Some people might consider food as a small factor while going through the possible options of countries where they can get medical education.


Well, we would like to add that decision to fly to a country for medical education is not a small move but a life-changing decision. Here, we are not talking about a country in the context of a vacation of one or two days, but we are talking about a country which is foreign to you and where you plan to live and study for five years of your life! So, food does matter.


To study at your fullest, you need to get food that is not just good, but the food of your choice too! Well, when it comes to food, Barbados offers countless cuisines.


Love of Barbadians for food can be described by the fact that they have a dedicated name for their cuisines. They don’t simply call their cuisine as “Barbadian cuisine” but “Bajan Cuisine!”


On that note, you would be glad to know that in Barbados, food represents an exclusive blend of cuisines of diverse regions like India, Britain, Africa, etc. From whatever part of the world you are, in Barbados, you are sure to get the food of your choice. Quality food served in Barbados ensure that while you pursue your medical education in Barbados, you keep up with your health too!


Interesting Fact: A dish called “Cou-cou” is the national dish of Barbados.


#3 Diverse Country with Rich Culture

Barbados is a place where people of different colors, different religions, and people who follow no religion but friendship and humanity and who respect the culture and values of each other, come together. People with diverse personalities make Barbados a country of vibrant culture. The rich culture of Barbados has gifted the world with some of the finest artists, athletes as well as some of the best brains and leaders in the world.


#4 Pleasant Climate

Depending on the time of the year, the temperature in Barbados keeps fluctuating from 16.5°C to 33.1°C. So, the weather in Barbados is never too hot, nor too chilly! In Barbados, you will experience the tropical and pleasant climate and clean air throughout the year which is made cooler by downpours on the island while the sun shines throughout the year.


#5 Assured Safety & Health

Barbados is a developed nation and a country with one of the lowest crime rates in the entire Caribbean region of North America, thanks to the Royal Barbados Police Force.


Barbados is a health-conscious country known for its high standards of healthcare. Medical care infrastructure of Barbados is strong enough to ensure proper health facilities for its native residents as well as for tourists and immigrants.


#6 Ample Recreational Facilities

Great beaches with clean water, delicious dining, energetic atmosphere, and huge sports facilities, Barbados is full of facilities for rejuvenation and relaxation. Medical in Barbados comes pre-packed with all the advantages that Barbados offer in terms of quality life and the American standard of living. After all, this beautiful island will be your home for five years when you pursue MBBS in Barbados. Studying in Barbados, whenever you are bored, just a stroll in beautiful nature is enough to get your energy back!


#7 Comparatively Affordable Cost of Living

While affordable is a very subjective word depending on the financial situation of the concerned, Barbados offers high-quality living arrangements at a very affordable price in comparison to countries like United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and other global countries. The best part is that when you study medicine in a top medical university in Barbados, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of education. Well-recognized medical universities in Barbados follow US-based medical curriculum and offer clinical training in various countries. So, at an affordable price, you get quality education as well as quality life in Barbados.


#8 The International Medical Graduate Label

If you pursue your medical education from a well-recognized medical university of Barbados, your medical qualification will be valid in countries worldwide including India, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Africa, etc. Once you complete your medical course in Barbados, you will be labeled as an International Medical Graduate which will help you in advancing your medical career. By the time you finish your medical graduation in Barbados, you will be ready to appear in the medical licensure examination of the country where you want to practice. Once you qualify the relevant medical licensure exam, you will be able to practice in the country of your choice.


#9 The Caribbean Advantage

Barbados is part of the Caribbean. Most of the medical universities in the Caribbean offer a simple intake process without the requirement of any entrance examination or donation to get admission. Further, to maintain quality and personalized learning experience, the low student-teacher ratio is maintained in classrooms which help students to develop a good rapport with their professors and peers which help them in their lifelong career. In Barbados, you will find great medical infrastructure and will be benefitted by all those things that a Caribbean country has to offer.


#10 A Global Experience

As already stated, Barbados is not only a medical education hub, but an iconic destination visited by people from around the globe. While studying medicine in Barbados’ soothing atmosphere, you will be surrounded by people from diverse parts of the world, on-campus as well as off-campus. Amidst such diverse group of people, you get the opportunity to develop a global personality, learn about the different ethos and different cultures and learn the art of building relationships – all of which is much required for the global practice of medicine. By choosing to pursue your medical education in Barbados, you choose to become a global practitioner of medicine.


Bridgetown International University for Medical Education in Barbados

Bridgetown International University, School of Medicine (BIU) is one of the well-recognized and fastest growing medical universities in Barbados. Situated in Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados, BIU was established in 2016 with a mission to provide quality and affordable medical education to aspiring doctors from all around the world. Now, the University has come a long way since its inception and has enrolled 40+ students from different regions of Asia.


Currently, the University offers a 5-Year Medical Program for MD in Barbados (equivalent to MBBS) and invites applications from students worldwide. Applications are processed based on merit and eligible students are admitted on the first-come-first-serve basis. Fees structure of the University is one of the lowest in the Caribbean while there is no compromise in the quality of education. All the students are provided with the University-managed mess facility, hostel facility and modern medical infrastructure where they can unleash their true potential and become exceptional doctors.


Bridgetown International University Advantages
✓ Well-Recognized University: Listed in WDOMS, recognized by MCI, Registered with FAIMER, licensed by Government of Barbados.
✓ Affordable Tuition Fees: No donation required. One of the lowest fees structure in the entire American region.
✓ International-Standard Education: US-based medical curriculum, experienced faculty, modern infrastructure, and International Clinical Rotations.
✓ English Medium: Entire MD Program is taught in English. Also, Barbados is an English-speaking country.
✓ Gateway to Global Opportunities: Cross-border clinical training and facilities for preparation for medical licensure examinations.
✓ Fully Managed Accommodation: No need to hunt for rented houses or quality food. University managed hostel and mess facility is available.
✓ State-of-The-Art Infrastructure: Access University library, medical laboratories including Anatomy Lab, Physics & Chemistry Lab, Microbiology Lab, Research Lab, and fully equipped campus.
✓ International Community: In campus, study with medical students from different parts of the world and be a part of the global community.
✓ Caribbean quality of Life: Live life in the Bridgetown, home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience the American lifestyle.

How to Apply for MBBS Admission in Barbados

To apply to the BIU MD Program (equivalent to MBBS), fill online application for MD in Barbados or contact our team of Admission Advisors:

✆ Toll-Free: 1800-843-2121 / 1800-120-6408

✆ Barbados Office: +1 246-831-3595 / +1 246-426-0026


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Currently, the University offers an International-Standard Medical Program for MD in Barbados (equivalent to MBBS) that follows US-based medical curriculum and recognized across countries worldwide. To get admission and study medicine in Barbados, apply online, and take the next step to become a doctor. For inquiries, contact our friendly team of expert counselors.


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