Get Back your energy: 5 Recreational activities you can do in Barbados

Medical Education is exciting, and medical education is exhausting too! While studying medicine, you will face times when the medical student in you can’t take it anymore, and you will need a break to put your usual routine aside, hang out with friends and family, go out, sit doing nothing, and refill your energy.

Yes, you are a medical student, and you need to study a L.O.T. However, that doesn’t mean that you should live a lifeless life! Your brain has a certain capacity, and it needs a break too. In fact, well-deserved breaks after or between study hours can improve your study and productivity. So, don’t feel guilty about enjoying life as a medical student. It’s nothing but study-life balance.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the world of activities besides studies that you can pursue while pursuing a medical course in Barbados:

Sit Back and Do Nothing

Barbados is such a beautiful place to be in. You, as a medical student in Barbados, can call this island country your home for 5 years. When you are exhausted and need to relax, the best thing to do in Barbados is to take your leisure time, sit back, absorb the atmosphere around you, feel the tropical wind flowing through the island, and observe the beauty of nature Barbados is blessed with.

Besides relaxing, doing nothing is also a good way to have personal time, put your mind back into Default Mode Network, and get back your creativity and energy you need to keep going on the path of medicine.

Take A Garden Stroll

What can replace a relaxed walk? Well, only a relaxed walk! Barbados has plenty of beautiful gardens. Visit the one nearest to you, walk on the green grass, and let the magic happen. Walking in the garden at your own pace can be extremely relaxing and cheerful!

Andromeda Botanical Garden in Barbados

Besides positive health impacts, a garden stroll allows you to reconnect with nature, interreact with plants and flowers, breathe in the fresh air, and, who knows, meet new people and make new friends!

Go Out. Eat Something.

Food not only refills you with energy but can also make you happy and change your mood. This holds true, especially in case the food is of your choice. Barbados is a good place for foodies where you can find more varieties of food than you can count.

The Bajan Roti – A Popular Dish in Barbados

So, whenever you are feeling taken away from studies, consider going for a “Mood Food Break.” Be it a hectic day, stressful work, or a problem that had blown your mind away; a food break can make it up to you! Remember: Good Food. Good Mood. Good Life. Good Education.

Appreciate Nature

Appreciation is another way to feel good and add a bit of positivity to life. It’s no secret that Barbados is a naturally rich country, and every year, about a million people visit this beautiful island to spend time in this beautiful creation of nature. You, as a student pursuing medical education in Barbados, are fortunate to call Barbados your home for a period of five years of your studies.

Rockley Beach in Barbados

During your stay in Barbados, there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. You can visit any of the beautiful beaches in Barbados, go for a swim or sit on the white sand, and hear the sound of waves! Don’t like water thing? No worries. Visit a park nearby, visit Harrison’s Cave, one of the seven wonders of Barbados, or explore other natural attractions of Barbados.

Get Creative. Do What You Like.

We all have our own ways to spend our leisure time. Some like to write; some like to paint; some like to go out and spend time with friends; some like to explore new things; some like to cook, while others like to get locked in the room and get into their “personal space.” Well, all these things are fine! At the and of the day, happiness and fulfillment that matter.

Moon Rise in Barbados

You should be the dictator of your recreational and leisure time. While as a medical student, you don’t have that much time to take off, you can make the most of whatever little you get. So, in your leisure time, do the activities you like and stay happy because happiness, among other things, is what you need to study well and become a great doctor.

That’s all for now! Want to share your favorite recreational activity? You are most welcome to leave a comment.

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