Clinical Rotation Program

Clinical Rotations Program is the final phase of our medical program for MD in Barbados and the most important part of the journey of becoming a doctor. Clinical Sciences Program offers an opportunity for medical students to enter the hospital and have hands-on experience in the field of medicine. During Clinical Training, students visit hospitals, work under the supervision of an experienced medical professional and exposed to real-life challenges in the life of a doctor.

Faculty - MD In Barbados - Bridgetown International University

In Clinical Rotations Program, students learn by observation and by doing. It’s the time to get hands-on-experience required for medical practice and build connections with industry experts.

Before Clinical Rotations, students just study medicine in Barbados while during Clinical Rotations, they get the opportunity to apply medicine to the problems and health issues of real patients. During training, students take care of patients under guidance, learn to record medical history, analyze various medical reports, obtain blood samples, perform as part of an operation team and apply the entire medical treasure they have gathered through years of medical education.

Clinical Training represents an exclusive opportunity to do and learn all things what a doctor is expected to do even before one becomes a doctor. It’s an opportunity to experience the life of a doctor, understand challenges and opportunities in the world of medicine, build medical skills and gather experiences that accompany the aspiring doctors throughout their medical career.

Once students complete Clinical Rotations, they rise to the position of medical graduates where a whole new world of medical opportunities awaits them.

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