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“What all good teachers have in common is that they set high standards for their students and do not settle for anything less.”

Marva Collins

At Bridgetown International University, we recruit highly competent, experienced well-educated and skillful professors who are great medical professors as they set high standards not just for their students but for themselves as well. Faculty members at BIU are carefully selected from a pool of available professors across countries who are specialists in their chosen field of medicine. Due attention is given to assess the career achievements and overall outlook of the prospects towards medical education, teaching, and their approach towards students. Rigorous selection and review criteria ensure that students enrolled in our program for MD in Barbados get to learn from some of the best talents in the field of medicine and enrich themselves with the medical treasure that our medical professionals have gathered through years of learning by doing, practice, and perseverance.

What great teachers have in common is that they set high bars for success not just for their students for themselves as well and they don’t settle for anything less. Faculty members at Bridgetown International University are great professors who teach with high standards and maintain similar criteria for the success of their students.

All the faculty members at BIU are well-versed professionals and maintain a friendly environment for learning, making it comfortable for the students to study medicine in Barbados. All the students are allowed to freely raise their concerns to their respective teachers and clear their doubts and queries. The two-way street facilitates an open dialog between students and professors, which contributes to a collaborative environment making their medical course in Barbados more fruitful and facilitates a smooth learning experience for the students.

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Hello, All Medical Aspirants! Bridgetown International University is a well-recognized medical university situated in Bridgetown, which is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the capital city of Barbados, a Caribbean English-speaking island country in North America.

Currently, the University offers an International-Standard Medical Program for MD in Barbados (equivalent to MBBS) that follows US-based medical curriculum and recognized across countries worldwide. To get admission and study medicine in Barbados, apply online, and take the next step to become a doctor. For inquiries, contact our friendly team of expert counselors.

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