Clinical Rotations in Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital, Nepal - BIU

Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH) is one of the finest and highly regarded hospitals in the country of Nepal. The hospital is located in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, and offers a wide range of healthcare services across various specialties.

Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital, Nepal
Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital, Nepal

Established in 2013 with a vision to “Ensure better quality of life of the Nepalese people through the provision of quality medical service and education,” now, MMTH is the leading healthcare provider in Nepal with its 300+ hospital beds capacity, state-of-the-art medical infrastructure, and modern healthcare arrangements.

Ensure better quality of life of the Nepalese people through the provision of quality medical service and education.

Vision, Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital

The hospital was named “Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital” in honor of Late Manmohan Adhikari, Former Prime Minister of Nepal and is operated by Nepal Health Care Co-operative Limited (NEHCO).

Besides healthcare services, MMTH is also active in health research, and its teaching facilities provide a conducive environment for aspiring doctors to make the most of their clinical rotations.

Inclusive list of specialties of Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital

Sl. No.Specialty
2Cardiothoracic surgery
3Dental care
5Emergency and Family Medicine
7ENT (Ear/ Nose/ Throat) Care
11Gynaecology & Obstetrics
12Head and Neck Surgery
14Internal Medicine
19Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
20Pulmonology & critical care
21Radio Imaging
22Spine Surgery
23Urology (Open / Endo)
2424-hour laboratory services
25Ozone Therapy
2624-hour emergency services

Clinical Training at Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH) for Bridgetown International University Students

Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital and Bridgetown International University have collaborated to provide the best possible clinical experience to medical aspirants during their last stage of the MD Program, i.e. Clinical Sciences Program. All the BIU students have the option to pursue two years of clinical training at MMTH in Nepal. Diverse socialization and modern infrastructure of the hospital maintain the international-standard of clinical and US-based curriculum of BIU’s program for MD in Barbados make sure that by the time students complete their medical education, they are ready for the practice of medicine in a global setting!

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