MD Program

MD program provides advanced academic as well as practical training to the students . The curriculum has been designed as per US medical standards.The MD (Doctor of Medicine) is a degree course of 5 years wherein the first 1 years is of the Pre-Medical, followed by 2 years of Basic Science program and the last 2 years of the Clinical Rotations where the student can get a golden opportunity to study and practice in the US and Barbados . The University is affiliated with top and reputed hospitals where students can pursue their clinical training. During this period student gain a lot of exposure as they are taught how to work in a professional environment. The faculty encourages students to participate in various projects to enhance their abilities and to provide better exposure.

MD in Barbados
Year Description
1st year Pre-Medical
2nd & 3rd year Basic Science Program
4th & 5th year Extensive Clinical Rotations offering a golden opportunity to study and practice in the US and Barbados.

The University joins hands with a number of top affiliated hospitals in order to offer the best chances for the students to pursue their clinical training. This period is said to be the golden period for every student as it gives them the opportunity to get exposed to the most ideal medical conditions and learn the best medical practices under professional environment.

About us

Bridgetown International University (BIU) is one of most respected and highly esteemed University in the Barbados, aimed at offering an entirely new framework of Medical Education.

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