The Premedical Program is a 1-year Program with four Trimesters. The course covers the following subjects as per the pre-scheduled patterns for each trimester:-

13 Weeks 13 Weeks 13 Weeks 13 Weeks
English Calculus Probability & Statistics Community Medicine
General Biology-I General Biology-II Organic Chemistry-I Medical Psychology
General Physics-I General Physics-II Anatomy & Physiology Drug and disease
General Chemistry -I General Chemistry -I Biochemistry Organic Chemistry-II
Ethics of Medicine Medical Sociology Research & Evidence-based Medicine Nutrition

Once a candidate successfully completes this course with good grades, he/she advances into the Basic Medical Sciences program. This Pre Medical program is a mandatory part of MD program. The entire Premedical course at Biumed University has been defined based on the requirements of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). The Pre-med program is actually considered as a revision or brushing up the course for the student who is preparing for the extensive medical studies.

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Bridgetown International University (BIU) is one of most respected and highly esteemed University in the Barbados, aimed at offering an entirely new framework of Medical Education.

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