Pre-Medical Program

Bridgetown International University offers a 1-Year MD Program which, in its essence, is a prelude to the MD Program. The syllabus of the Pre-Medical Program covers all subjects that prepare students for medical studies. Students receive a comprehensive education in the subjects required for medical courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Anatomy, and Physiology. Distributed into four trimesters terms, Pre-Medical program is the basic foundation for medical sciences which prepare the students for the advanced levels of the medical program.

Eligibility - MD In Barbados - Bridgetown International University
13 Weeks 13 Weeks 13 Weeks 13 Weeks
English Calculus Probability & Statistics Community Medicine
General Biology-I General Biology-II Organic Chemistry-I Medical Psychology
General Physics-I General Physics-II Anatomy & Physiology Drug and disease
General Chemistry -I General Chemistry -I Biochemistry Organic Chemistry-II
Ethics of Medicine Medical Sociology Research & Evidence-based Medicine Nutrition

Once a candidate successfully completes this course with good grades, he or she advances into the Basic Medical Sciences program, the next level of the medical program for MD in Barbados. Pre-Medical program is a mandatory part of the medical program for students who are looking to pursue MD Program right after schooling. Students who hold graduation in medical science are not required to undergo the Pre-Medical Program and are directly admitted to the 4-Year medical program for MD in Barbados.

The entire Pre-Medical course at Bridgetown International University has been designed based on the requirements of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and helps the students in facing the US medical licensure examination in later stages of their career.

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